Lauren (swirly_girl) wrote,


Lady Sovereign was filming her new music video outside our house last night. There had been notices up for a week or so saying that they were going to shoot a music video there, but they didn't say who for. When I got home, there were tons of people and equiptment everywhere, but I didn't pay any attention to it all and just went inside. I was digging the music, though, and wondered who it was. When Chris came home he informed me it was 'Sov." I looked out my kitchen window, and there she was, all 5 feet of her. She was just as cute in person as she is in her music videos. I got a picture, but she's too faraway in it for it to be really good. She came closer to our window later, but by that time it was too dark. I wish I had realized who it was earlier. If you got a blubbering text message from me, I do apologize. I was a little star struck.

The video looked like it was going to be really funny. There was one part where Sov and her hampster face off to some girl in a burberry skirt with a foo foo dog. Then someone puts a bag over her head and throws her into a (police?) van. Finally, there was some bit infront of a giant 'SOV" made out of red brick. I'll definitely be buying the single.

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